Report Contents

Distribution Redistribution

  • New  technologies and  business  model  evolution  creates  challenges for market sizing and reporting

  • Encoding and Compression for Distribution and Redistribution

    • Legacy Compression Market Sizing Models Negated by Move to Virtualized Software

    • Software Changes Everything

    • Re-dimensioning the Encoding Market?

    • Move to Software - Impact on Vendor Business Models

    • Move to Software - Impact Segmentation and Reporting

    • HEVC Compression - Still Early Days

    • Conflicting Licensing Pools for HEVC

    • Alternatives to HEVC

    • Timeframe for HEVC Deployment

    • 4K/ UHDM&A in the Encoding Compression Category

    • Encoding and Compression for Distribution and Redistribution

    • Encoding and Compression for Distribution and Redistribution

    • Encoders for Primary Distribution

    • Encoders for Re-distribution

    • Distribution and Re-distribution for Cable

    • Distribution and Re-distribution for Satellite

    • Distribution and Re-distribution for Telco

    • Distribution and Re-distribution for Terrestrial

  • Multiplexers, Professional Decoders and Receivers (IRD)

  • Conditional Access, Encryption Systems and DRM

  • Middleware

  • Video on Demand & Streaming Server


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