GMVR Essentials

GMVR Essentials are product/service category-specific reports and data tables generated from the most comprehensive database of its type in the broadcast and media technology industry, the GMVR.


GMVR Essentials provide you with precise and relevant data that is essential for your business planning.  GMVR Essentials reports also include a comprehensive strategic overview covering the entire broadcast and media technology sector, helping you understand the trends that are driving our industry forward and position your business within it.  

  • Accurate information for targeting your product development, sales and marketing efforts 

  • Understanding your company’s position within a segment, assessing the competition and what’s driving their success

  • Technology trends; authoritative evidence to back up your strategy. This is also vital when selling a company, acquiring one, looking for finance etc.

  • Rigorously researched, well-informed strategic overview, that benefits from participation of leading technology suppliers, and has been reviewed by C-level executives at leading technology buyers – giving you a solid check on what your product managers say in segments, or salespeople in geographies 

  • Knowing where your company stands – its position in the market; good for management, good for staff, good for backers

GMVR Essentials reports are currently available for 22 market categories... 

Contents of each Report will include:

  • Written Report (PDF)

  • Report table of contents (TOC)

  • Forward, Introduction, etc.

  • Strategic Business Overview

  • Industry Model

  • Regional Dynamics

  • One category

  • Methodology


Data Tables (Macro-enabled Excel)


  • Table of contents for category

  • Industry Overview

  • Data for selected sub-segment

All GMVR Essentials reports include a Strategic Industry Overview that gives an authoritative picture of key facts and trends across the whole broadcast and media industry, providing essential context for your planning. 

We can also produce a la carte GMVR Essentials reports, allowing you to pick and choose the elements essential to your business.

The Reports

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